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Heathen Rites of Ancient Nordic Chronicles

Lars Magnar Enoksen’s new book.

Description from the book jacket:

“The rarest knowledge of Nordic heathendom are its authentic ceremonial acts! Thus the renowned Swedish-Norwegian runologist Lars Magnar Enoksen reveals how native traditional rites were described in 13th-14th century Province-Law manuals and by the 15th-16th century Rhyme-Chronicles. Furthermore, the oldest know woodcut prints of domestic paganism are re-published in top quality facsimiles to offer an amazingly visual presentation of their sacred activities.

A book that has been craved for ages, the ‘Heathen Rites of Ancient Nordic Chronicles’ is issued in an international language to be beneficial for spiritual communities world-wide. Thus edition sums up the trilogy that opened with ‘The History of Runic Lore’ and ‘Galdrs of the Edda’.

The main purpose of this volume is making our arcane rituals more genuinely understandable and thus providing the true nature of Northern traditions to a wider audience.”

Hardcover, 60 pages. English.

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