Wardruna – Skald
23 November 2018
Runaljod Runaljod – Ragnarok Runaljod – Yggdrasil Runaljod – gap var Ginnunga Jormungand Pendant Eight Secrets Rune Pendant T-shirts and zip hoodies The History of Runic Lore Heathen Rites of Ancient
Nordic Chronicles
Galdrs of the Edda


30 Jul. 2018
The ‘Eight Secrets’ and ‘Jormungand’ pendants are back in stock.
20 Feb. 2018
All our book titles are now back in stock.
16 Jan. 2017
All our pendants are back in stock. The new ‘Runaljod’ book with Wardruna lyrics is now available.
28 Oct. 2016
The ‘Ragnarok’ CD is now in stock. Lars Magnar Enoksen’s books are also back in stock. It will probably take while before all the pendants are restocked.
15 Oct. 2016
Autographed ‘Ragnarok’ CD’s and downloads are now available for pre-order through this shop.
6 Aug. 2016
A new Wardruna bind rune silver pendant is now available. Our other pendants are also back in stock.
25 Apr. 2016
New book by Lars Magnar Enoksen: ‘Heathen Rites of Ancient Nordic Chronicles’.
10 Mar. 2016
‘The History of Runic Lore’ and ‘Galdrs of the Edda’ are now back in stock.
2 Mar. 2016
We are now selling a limited supply of Wardruna clothing items directly in this shop. The ‘Eight Secrets’ rune pendant is also back in stock.

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